Value Your Trade

Value Your Trade-In Car Online

If you’re getting ready to upgrade with a new or new-to-you vehicle, you’ll almost certainly want to offset the costs of your next ride. One of the easiest ways to save on every monthly payment is to value your trade-in car with a dealership like our own! We know it can be difficult to part with a vehicle that you’ve loved for years, which is why we make it as easy as possible to complete your used car trade-in near Paramus, NJ. After all, upgrading your adventures through Ridgewood and Jersey City should be an exciting, rewarding experience!

How to Trade In Your Car at Jaguar Paramus

Learning how to trade in your car really only takes a minute, and the results of your research could help you save thousands on your next vehicle. Ready to get started now? Here’s a closer look at the process:

  1. Start the trade-in process online by valuing your trade-in car with our team. We’ve partnered with Kelley Blue Book® in order to ensure that your initial estimate as accurate as possible.
  2. Once you’ve gotten your estimate, we’ll invite you into our dealership for a comprehensive inspection. By eliminating the guesswork, we can offer you more money for your vehicle and find out exactly what makes it unique!
  3. You’re free to accept our offer, negotiate, or take your vehicle elsewhere. Additionally, our offers are never contingent on whether you decide to purchase a vehicle on our lot. Of course, you should definitely check out our new vehicle specials and our pre-owned offers before you go somewhere else in Paramus or Fort Lee.

Now that you’ve found out how much your trade-in car is worth, we’re sure you’ll be eager to take the next steps. Although you’re welcome to visit our dealership for a test drive, you can also shop for your new vehicle online!

Why Should You Work with a Car Dealership that Takes Trade-Ins?

Car dealerships that take trade-ins are almost always willing to go the extra mile to make your experience as simple and convenient as it can be—and Jaguar Paramus is certainly no exception. Here’s why we’re preferred for used car trade-ins in Paramus, NJ:

  • Selling a vehicle to a dealership is quicker and easier than selling a car privately. In fact, selling a car online or on the side of the road could take weeks, or even months! If you sell to us, you could be done with the process in a few hours or less.
  • Completing everything in one place is often its own reward. If you’re buying or leasing another vehicle, you can apply the value of your vehicle to the new balance—and reduce your tax costs in the process! We can even help out with financing.
  • If you sell your car privately, you’ll need to complete a lot of paperwork and make sure that the buyer handles everything that needs to happen on their end. If you sell to us, we’ll take care of all the paperwork in house.
  • Even if you’re severely under water on your loan, we can help. Unlike private buyers, we can pay off your old loan and roll the balance onto a new financing agreement that you’ll complete with our team. That means you’ll leave with one manageable monthly payment even if you’ve struggled in the past!

Unlike other car dealerships that take trade-ins, we pride ourselves on offering local drivers top dollar for their vehicles! If you’re ready to make a trade, just drive into our Paramus showroom or contact us to make an appointment.