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Automotive Expertise & Customer Satisfaction

Give your car the expert treatment it deserves with our team of experienced and certified professionals. The team at our Paramus Jaguar service center has the knowledge and the skills to take care of any needs your car may have, from routine maintenance to major repairs. Although we specialize in Jaguar service, we’re more than capable of working on any make or model on the market. Schedule service today, and find out what sets us apart.

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For Jaguar Service near Englewood, Rely on Our Team

We are dedicated to bringing the highest degree of automotive expertise and customer satisfaction to all of our customers. Here you can find our full-service facility staffed by some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Making sure that you are happy from the start of your visit to the end, as well as after, is our top priority. We understand that you care about your car, which is why our team treats it with the same care and precision that we treat our own vehicles.

Every job is done with ensuring that you are completely satisfied with both our work and our attitude in mind, and we’d like to think that our recent customer reviews speak for themselves! That is why we employ a team of very skilled technicians with lots of experience, as well as maintain the highest degree of professional courtesy among our entire staff.

From Jaguar Oil Changes to Major Repairs, We’re Ready

We strive to be a Paramus service center that you can trust, no matter what issue you are experiencing with your car. That’s why we only work with technicians who are trained in all the ins-and-outs of Jaguar service! Whether you’re seeking a Jaguar oil change, in need of basic repairs, or just looking a place to schedule maintenance and tune-ups, we’ve got you covered. Our services include:

  • Jaguar oil changes and service fluid replacement
  • Brake inspection and brake pad replacement
  • Recommended maintenance for every major milestone
  • Cooling system flush and radiator care
  • Replacement of headlights and taillights
  • Jaguar battery and alternator service
  • Reset check engine lights and other dashboard warnings

This is just a small sample of what we can do! There’s truly no job too esoteric or too complicated for our Jaguar service center in Paramus. We even offer Jaguar service specials to help you save on everything from alternator replacement to basic maintenance.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with all the latest in automotive diagnostic tools and repair technologies, and that means we’re very well equipped to catch major issues before they turn into expensive problems! Don’t go just anywhere for Jaguar service near Saddle River or Ridgewood. Rely on a team that’s equipped to get the job done right.

High-Quality Jaguar Service, Trusted Jaguar Parts

To deliver the high-quality automotive maintenance and repair service that our clients are used to, we equip the best facilities and the best mechanics with the highest caliber of automotive parts! In order to make sure that you always drive home with a feeling of genuine satisfaction and confidence, we carry out all work exclusively with Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. Here’s why:

  • OEM parts are built to the same specifications as the original factory parts from which your car was built. They’re the only parts that are held to the same high standards of material quality, manufacturing tolerance, and wear resistance.
  • Since they are based on factory designs and are often made at the exact same manufacturing facilities with the original factory parts, they form a perfect fit to replace the damaged or worn down original parts on your vehicle.
  • They are even specifically tailored to the different options or trim lines that your car comes with, making sure that there are no potential conflicts or incompatibilities.
  • In short, they are always a perfect fit and should last as long or even longer than the original parts on your vehicle.

By contrast, the various aftermarket parts, created by companies unaffiliated with your car’s original manufacturer, are a lot less reliable than OEM parts. They are made to serve a wide array of vehicles, often using the same blueprints not just for different trims or models, but different makes as well! They are also frequently made of cheaper materials, which means that they wear down faster and can also damage the original parts around them when they do. In short, for maximum quality and customer satisfaction, we only use the best OEM parts. We are sure that you will feel the difference yourself, as soon as you drive away from our Jaguar service center near Englewood.

Tire Rotation

On average, Americans drive their cars an impressive 15,000 miles per year. This is roughly equivalent to driving both to and from New York to Los Angeles twice. While short trips may not seem like much when you do it, these miles really do add up and your tires take a lot of the action. Tire rotation is the process of periodically altering the position of your tires from front to back and/or side to side. It is recommended that you perform this action at least once every 5,000 to 8,000 miles for optimal long-term use of your tires. There are a number of benefits to be taken advantage of while performing a tire rotation including:

  • Preserves balance and handling of the vehicle
  • Helps maintain traction
  • May be required by the tire manufacturer in order to keep the warranty valid
  • Allows for more even tire wear to prolong tire life

Oil Change

Your Jaguar is a high-performance vehicle, but it needs good care to remain in top shape. One of the easiest ways to do so is to take it in for a regular oil change service. The motor oil in your Jaguar keeps all of the parts of the engine well-lubricated and moving smoothly. This guarantees good performance and long engine life. However, as the oil gets old, it needs to be replaced. Oil breaks down over time and provides less and less lubrication as well as picking up dirt and other contaminants. Those increase the friction in the engine, causing excess wear and tear, poorer performance and reduced gas mileage. As you can see, changing your oil regularly is absolutely important if you wish to prolong your engine’s life and maintain its high performance, as well as avoid further maintenance issues in the future.


Check Engine Light

When your vehicle’s computer, the ECU (engine control unit), finds a problem it can not adjust automatically, it sets a fault code in its memory and turns on a warning indicator on your dashboard. The illuminated check engine light can mean any number of things from something as simple as a loose gas cap to a much more serious emissions problem. When you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll retrieve the error code using an OBD-II scanner, diagnose the problem, and work on a solution with you to fix it. You’ll avoid bigger problems in the future and prolong the overall life of your vehicle.



Your car uses more fuel when the engine is overworked. When the wheels are not working together, the engine has to work harder. Therefore, an alignment service can increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. An alignment service will also help you save money on costly mechanical problems down in the future. When the wheels are not aligned, the mechanical parts will deteriorate at a fast rate. A bumpy road can wreak havoc on your car’s suspension system, which will lead to expensive repairs. When you get an alignment service, you will have a smoother driving experience. When your wheels are not perfectly aligned, your car will veer to the right or the left. You will have to constantly adjust your steering wheel to keep your car straight. The constant readjusting can be a dangerous distraction. An alignment service will also increase the longevity of your tires’ tread, which are valuable investments.



While the focus in a performance vehicle is often on getting as much power out of the engine as possible, brakes are just as important. Brakes are not just an important safety and control mechanism for your car, but also contribute to keeping other expensive components running at peak efficiency and avoiding excessive wear and tear. Of course, keeping your brakes in good working order is important for stopping and maneuvering around tight corners. A regular scheduled check up and brake pad change can also protect other components of the braking system like the calipers and the wheels themselves, both of which can become a costly repair if damaged, especially with high-performance cars like a Jaguar. And flushing your brake fluid lines ensures that you always have the best braking power with the shortest response time at your disposal, which is important both on the road and on the track. Keeping up with the brake service on your Jaguar does not only keep you and your car safe, but it can also improve your performance as well!


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