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Why Rotate Your Tires?

Mechanic with Tires


Why is it necessary to rotate your tires? Simply said, it helps you get more mileage out of your investment by extending the life of your tires. What does rotating your tires do? Tires don’t wear at the same rate. By rotating the tires on a regular basis, you’ll enjoy better traction on the roads of Ridgewood and Jersey City. You’ll also enjoy a more convenient experience when your tires eventually wear out and need to be replaced. So, why rotate tires? Our in-depth guide can help you get a better sense of this service task’s importance.

What Does Rotating Your Tires Do?

When you rotate your tires, you’re moving the tires with the greatest amount of wear to locations where they will start to wear down more slowly. This is necessary because most tires don’t wear at an equal rate. Here’s what you should know about the “why” behind tire rotation:

  • The front tires often wear a little more quickly than the rear tires on front-wheel drive vehicles, and the opposite is true for rear-wheel drive models. For all-wheel drive models, the rear tires usually wear more quickly than the front. However, many AWD systems have unique properties and behaviors.
  • Because most drivers take more right turns than left (or vice versa), the tires on one side of your vehicle typically wear slightly more rapidly than those on the opposite side.
  • By removing them from their usual places and rotating where they’re installed on your car, you’ll help increase their lifespan and improve your vehicle’s ability to handle the road.

Eventually, all tires will need to be replaced. You can find high-quality replacement tires at our tire center in Paramus, NJ!

What Happens If You Don’t Rotate Your Tires?

If you don’t rotate your tires, you’ll notice uneven tread wear. This can present itself in many ways. For example, if the outer edges of your tire are wearing down faster than the inner edges, then it’s an indicator that your wheels haven’t been rotated in a while. Additionally, you may also notice performance issues such as:

  • Poor traction on wet roads
  • Accelerated tire wear
  • Some tires wearing out more quickly than others
  • Accelerated brake pad wear
  • Slipping and/or skidding on turns
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Shaking vehicle

Naturally, rotating your tires on a regular basis will counteract all of the drawbacks that come with uneven tire wear. You might even find that your fuel economy on Paramus and Fort Lee roads improves along with your traction!

How Often To Rotate Your Tires

Not sure of how often to rotate your tires? It’s always a good idea to reference your owner’s manual, but most experts recommend a rotation interval of roughly 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Many drivers who schedule service with our team will rotate their tires every time they stop in for an oil change.

Keep in mind that your drivetrain can have an impact on how often to rotate tires. If you have a model with AWD or 4WD, you may want to come in and even out your tread wear more frequently.

Let Us Help With Your Tire Care Needs!

Why rotate tires? For better performance and seamless tire replacement! Ready to take care of your next tire rotation? Schedule service today, and make sure to check out our current service specials before you stop in.

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